Difficulty of the route: moderate, Intermediate.

This is Chia, Tabio and Tenjo

After traveling about 45 minutes by car, exiting Bogotá via “Autopista Norte”, we will reach the surroundings of Chia, a municipality that is located where the “Muiscas” once lived. The “Muiscas” were peaceful and organized indigenous people who populated these hillsides, their history changed in the year 1600, during the Conquest.

Five key data:

Distance: 24 miles (38,5 kilometers)

The distance we will travel by bicycle.

Height: 2,690

The maximum height we will reach, between mile 2,5 and 21.

Time: 2,5 hours

This route’s average for amateurs and intermediates.

11,8 miles (19 kilometers)

The distance from “Autopista Norte”, in Bogotá’s exit, to the cycle route start in Chia.

45 minutes

The average time of the trip by car, from Bogotá to Chia. It’s about the same returning time.

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Fun Facts

Juaica is the name of the imposing hill that stands between the Tabio and Tenjo villages. It was a sacred place for the “Muiscas”; even the “Spaniards baptized it as the hill of dancing lights in the XVI century”, according to William Chavez, a Colombian ufologist.

“Chibcha” was the language of the first inhabitants and, according to some Colonial period records, they took refuge to protect themselves from the colonizers in the hills that we will be visiting and where appearances of UFOs have been claimed.

This municipality is known as The City of the Moon because Chia was the Muisca goddess of the Moon. With over 126,000 inhabitants, it is the third most populous municipality of the Bogotá Savanna. This municipality’s weather is similar to Bogotá‘s.

Tabio is a municipality located in the Central Savanna Province. It has a population of over 27,000 inhabitants and its territory forms a flat valley. Located 28 miles (45 kilometers) from Bogotá, the mountainous system that surrounds the municipality comprises the “Cordillera de los Monos”, the “Cuchilla Canica” and the “Peña de Juaica”, among others.

Tenjo is acknowledged as a Sacred Valley and is populated with 20,000 inhabitants. A white sword with the Maltese cross, which is the sign of the apostle Santiago, the patron saint of the municipality since colonial times, is featured in the municipality’s shield. In the Chibcha language, the word Tenjo means “the Gap” (which is a large opening), although it is placed between two mountainous areas. It is located 34,5 miles (57 kilometers) from Bogotá, after the municipalities of Chia, Cajica and Tabio.


How is the route?

We exit Bogotá via autopista Norte until we reach Pradilla Avenue, located in Chia, which leads to the Bike Park, a meeting point for cyclists. At Bike Park we have a small talk and start the cycle tour. Roughly after 1,9 miles (3 kilometers) we will find the first hill, which is called “Lourdes”. we will ascend from 1500 to 1600 meters in the next 1.5 miles (2,5 kilometers).

The elevation ranges between 1,500 to 1,600 meters during 1,5 miles (2,5 kilometers).

When descending this mountain, we will pass by a rural road between traditional farms within the area, until reaching a paved road that goes near 5,6 miles (9 kilometers) towards Tenjo. After arriving we’ll have a snack and visit shops and markets at the central square. Afterwards we’ll head to Tabio, through 5,6 miles (9 kilometers), visit its central square and watch a photographs’ exhibit that shows the municipality’s history.

Our return will be completed after climbing Lourdes, the mountain from which we left in the beginning and which will lead us to Chia, where transportation to Bogotá will be waiting for us.


Altimetry is relative to the route; it starts at 2,558MASL (Meters Above Sea Level) and its maximum point is 2,690 MASL

In the first 1.7 miles (2,8 kilometers) we ascend to 2,690 MASL, which is Lourdes’ hill climb, and a descent of 0,8 miles (1,3 kilometers) that leads to the municipality of Tabio. Then, we will continue on the route towards the municipality of Tenjo by a route with relatively smooth with small hill climbs. The return will be on the same route towards Chia, where we finish our journey.

Our service includes:

  • Door-to-door transportation (Bogotá)
  • Chosen Tour
  • Bicycle (MTB)
  • Helmet
  • Sun Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Health insurance
  • Energy drink
  • Energy bar
  • Snack
  • Photographic record
  • Assistance car
  • Gastronomic experience (Optional)

Cost: USD $70

Our recommendations:

  • Wear comfortable clothing. If you are interested, you can contact us to purchase BIT’s cycling special clothing.
  • Use sunscreen
  • Have a healthy breakfast before leaving home.