Coast-2-Coast in the Peloponnese



Accommodation: 3* or better Bike Immersion Tours Approved

Landscape: Mountain, Sea, Forest, Island

Tour type: Fully Supported

Cycling in the Peloponnese

We wonder how many places there are in the world where a perfect equilibrium among the

beauty of a landscape

number of cultural elements and

grade of authenticity

can be achieved in such harmonious and natural way. We welcome you to a cycling trip in the Peloponnese.

The Landscape

Spectacular Sea views and Steep Mountain Passes
Olive Tree Farms, Pine and Spruce Trees
Rugged Terrains and Long Plainsv

All intermingled in harmony

What strikes us every time we cycle on those roads, is the how rapidly the landscape changes. It is quite often for a coastal road to instantly is turn into a mountain pass, and the sea views in the first to be followed by second’s spruce tree forest. Descenting that, might mean traversing a olive tree farm until something happens again and the scenery is completely changed once more. Many of our vexed talks we share while riding comrise the level of differentiation on amount and the type of vegetation as we move forward.

Road Quality

The current status of the roads is reviewed as exceptional. However, that wasn’t always the case. Every 15 to 20 years each road network is subjected under major reform or maintenance so to comply with the latest safety standards. Over the years and having repeatedly cycled in the region of the Peloponnese, we have noticed a significant upgrade to the overall road network, with the cheerful effects to be found on the main roads all the way to the most remote ones. It is quite frequent now, we to cycle on roads which are perfect, satisfying the most demanding cyclist out there, while they are not even mapped by Google.

At this point, we kindly ask you not to forget the particular morphology of Greece. Some roads can still be rough, steep and with the tarmac conditions to demand your attention. But it isn’t that what makes make beautiful, empty and with great views?

Note: the roads on this trip are of very good to excellent tarmac conditions

Cycling Press & Media love this part of Greece

Numerous articles related to the cycling in the Peloponnese can be found online. We can still, although not clear, remember the very first ones, where Germans and Dutch Cyclists were discovering for the first time the scenic roads of the Peloponnese, “intruding” the villager’s peace with their colorful lycra cycling gear. A lot of things has changed since then, but, thankfully, not all.

PRICE: 1.600 per Rider


  • 9 days
  • 8 nights
  • 7 rides Only for a minimum of 6 riders € 1600 per person
  • Includes: Accommodation Double Occupancy, Half Board, Airport Shuttle, Bike Rental

Tour Ιtinerary

  • Day 01
  • Arrival Day 02
  • Kalamata – Kardamili Day 03
  • Kardamili – Mani – Gytheio Day 04
  • Elafonisos – Recovery Ride Day 05
  • Elafonissos – Monemvasia Day 06
  • Monemvasia – Leonidio Day 07
  • Leonidio – Nafplio Day 08
  • Nafplio – Corinth Day 09
  • Departure

Upon guests flight’s arrival: We shuttle all riders to Kalamata city. Along the way, we make a stop at the Corinth Canal where the guests can gaze this spectacular achievement.

Shuttle to Kalamata: 2.5 hours (with two short breaks)

Dinner Meal: not included today – guests might dine on their own

Accommodation: Pharae Palace Hotel (4 star)

120 km / 2500 m

Morning: Breakfast at the hotel and we ride directly from there.

Cycling: Today is a beautiful route, which will get you all the way up to the mt. Taygetus. Breathtaking views while climbing up and completely empty roads.

Finish: The ending point at the scenic little town of Kardamili.

Accommodation: Hotel Esperides in Vardia

Tip: Very close to the hotel there are many nice restaurants. One of that is going to be our meeting point for our dinner.

130 km / 1600 m

Morning: We arrange for you a wonderful breakfast and then the ride begins.

Cycling: This is one on the must-to-ride routes in the Peloponnese. The endless coast roads and wide-open sea views, will get you thrilled. What fascinates us every time is the fact that as we move further to the south, the landscape changes dramatically. It becomes more wild, rocky, with less trees. That is the authentic landscape of Mani. Later on, the ride passes by the scenic port of Gytheio.

Finish: The ride ends either at Elea, and the dinner is arranged at the hotel’s stunning restaurant.

Accommodation: Alas Resort Premium Lodging

47 km / 600 m

Recovery ride

Rest day! After the breakfast we ride to the small port of Pounta where with a small ferry we get you across the stunning island of Elafonisos.

The Island of Elafonisos: is a small island. However, the raw beauty someone can find here is superb. The world famous golden beach of Simos with its crystal, turquoise waters, is a spectacle which captivates all visitors. At the same time, the traditional restaurants, with a great number of options on fresh fish, guarantee a gastronomic experience like no other.

Accommodation: Berdousis Hotel or similar

60 km / 1000 m

Morning: Early departure, so that we take the first ferry and start cycling as early as possible.

Must See 

  • Monemvasia, the first stop is made at the medieval castle of Monemvasia. Monemvasia took its name from the words mone=single and emvasi=entrance. Indeed! The island’s circumference coastline is comprised by steep rocks, impossible for any kind of ship to approach. During the reign of the Venetian empire, Monemvasia was an exceptional and naturally fortified city. It can get really crowded, however, it worth’s you paying a visit there. Our Support vehicle will make sure you to have access to your belongings (shoes)
  • Limni Ierakas to enjoy a coffee break away from the tourism radars. A blissful, calm place.

Accommodation: Limni Gerakas at Porto Cadena or Similar

85 km / 2100 m


The very best Greece can offer. From Pistamata to Fokiano. It is a brand new road not yet mapped by google, with exceptional sea views   Everyone enjoy!

Accommodation: Romanza Rooms in Poulithra or Similar.

Morning: Early wake up and begin cycling asap. After a 8 km climb, and a gain of 650m, we descend to Leonidio, a small town with tasteful agricultural products, produced by the local farmers. We can either stop here for a coffee or move further north, to Paralio Astros.

Cycling: Apart from the initial climb, which we can skip shall the group decides to do so, the rest of the route until Nafplio, is mix of flat parts and short hills (max elevation 180 m each)

95 km / 1600 m

Morning: Early wake up and on the saddle the soonest possible

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus: This this the very place where the theater as we know it today, begun.  There, it will be our personnel to help the riders who want to visit the archeological place to change into normal shoes.

Accommodation: Sport Camp Facilities and a 20 minutes athletic massage option for all

25 – 90 km

or part of the route as shown at the map

Early in the morning we ride around Loutraki area. Here are found some of the best training routes which are located close to Athens.

Beach time: Our recommendation, and based on the flight’s time, is the riders to cover the minimum on the distance and enjoy a nice time at the beach. (meals are not included on that day)

Shuttle to the Airport or Athens Centre

According to the guests’ schedule we might shuttle the to the airport or straight to Athens to continue their holiday vacation.


  • Bike Immersion Tours Approved Accommodation
  • All Breakfast Meals
  • All Mentioned Meals
  • Full Airport Shuttle Service
  • Experienced Guide Rider(s)
  • Luggage & Bike Transport
  • Vehicle Support
  • All Ferry Tickets
  • Air fare tickets before and after the trips
  • Personal items purchased during the trip
  • Extra meals
  • Travel insurance cost
  • Guide Riders
  • Bringing along your Family & Friends? – Ask Us
  • Cycling Shoes Hire Option + 20€
  • Bike Immersion Tours Premium Cycling Kit (Washed & Ready-to-Wear) + 150€
  • Power Meter: Favier Assioma Duo + €100

All riders should bring their own gear. Indivately we recommend:

4 x cycling kits

we are going to get back to the hotel relatively late, leaving not enough time for the washed items to dry. Also, we would like to see you in your various outfit 🙂 It is good for the pictures


We prompt all of our customers to bring their own helmet, to ensure maximum level of comfort. Shall you need to use our own you are free to do that at no extra surcharge. Kindly let us know in advance.


Greece is country of light, why not protecting your eyes with some shades Sunglasses make you look cool as well.

Water Bottles

You may bring you own. Each bike will have two holders for you to carry plenty of water or any of juice that keeps you going. In case you need to purchase our Camelback Podium Chill 21oz (web) for 13 € / bottle

Tours Cancellation Policy

Days to Departure


Credit for future trips*

More than 90 Days

All but €150 cancellation fee

100% of deposit

61-90 Days

75% of the tour’s price

90% of trip price

31-60 Days

50% of the tour’s price

70% of trip price

30 Days or Less

No Refunds

25% of trip price

*reservations must be made within one calendar year of the original date of departure or funds are forfeit. NO refunds will be issued after a future trip has been chosen.

 Important Note

We cannot make exceptions to this policy for any reason including personal emergencies, unexpected weather, natural disasters or terrorism. Bike Immersion Tours also reserves the right to modify or cancel any trip, which according to our discretion, compromises the safety of our travelers or staff. In the event of cancellation, Bike Immersion Tours is not responsible for any loss or expense incurred by non-refundable travel costs. In this case, refund of payments received by Bike Immersion Tours will constitute full and final settlement.

It is highly recommended for all our guests to purchase travel insurance plans to protect their travel investment.

 Bike Hire Cancellation Policy

Days to the first Date of Hire


More than 90 Days

All but €20 cancellation fee

30-90 Days

Subject to nature of the hire*

30 Days or Less

No Refunds

as cyclists ourselves we understand sometimes things doesn’t always go as planned. Regardless of the changes occurred to your cycling days, we commit our bike hire service to be flexible, friendly and supportive. Kindly keep us posted well in advance and we will try to minimize any impact cancelling you order might have.