Security Requirement

Your safety is the most important to us

  • Each traveler must have health insurance with international coverage while in Colombia.
  • Bike Immersion Tours provides each rider with complementary daily accident insurance.
  • Please be aware that riding a bicycle comes with risks. Bike Immersion Tours takes all necessary measures to ensure as safe an experience as possible. Please sign the form.
  • Owners are responsible for ensuring that their own bikes are fully functional, structurally sound and safe to ride prior to start the tour in order to prevent possible failures and/or injuries.
  • The cyclist admits to be physically and mentally able to carry out the bicycle tour. Please sign the form. (FORMATO)
  • Cycling trips require a minimum participants. In the unfortunate case that the number of riders does not reach the minimum, we can either continue with the trip as planned for an additional cost, reschedule for another date, or simply refund your money. Custom and private cycling holidays are also available upon request
  • All riders are expected to exercise proper cycling etiquette to ensure the safety and comfort of all cycling members. Our goal is to provide a fun, memorable, and safe experience for all involved.
  • For any inquiries, including extending your stay, custom packages, group discounts, future tours and more, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!