It is a municipality in the department of Boyacá, Colombia, with an average altitude of 2,145 m.a.s.l. and an average temperature of 66°F, considered a Heritage Town of the country.

It is located about three hours and 103 miles from Bogotá.

We will leave Bogotá taking the highway north east towards the department of Boyacá and Villa de Leyva.

The main square, surrounded by majestic mountains, is one of the main attractions of the place, as well as its cobbled streets and the white walls of the houses that are typical of the colonial period (Villa de Leyva was founded in June 1572).

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This is how our activity will take place in Villa de Leyva

After traveling about three and a half hours by car, we will arrive at Villa de Leyva, along the way we will make two stops:

One in Ventaquemada, to try the ´pelao´ corn arepas, prepared by women from the region, and another, at the Boyacá Bridge, where in 1819 one of the most important battles was fought to achieve the Independence of Colombia.

What few know is that you can discover the magic, culture and history of this municipality by bike. Therefore, Bike Immersion Tours chose this destination so that national or foreign tourists know the history of the Muisca culture, through experts from the region, you will visit one of the region’s vineyards and enjoy  the experience of aerial bicycles at 165 feet high, feel the sensation of pedaling in the air among other activities.

Therefore, in the emblematic town of Villa de Leyva we will spend two nights and three days, there will be two cycling routes (with moderate and medium high difficulty).


Day one: travel by car from Bogotá to Villa de Leyva. (Free afternoon)

Day two: Route La Periquera and Aventura Park.

Day three: Muisca Route.

Return to Bogotá, passing through the town of Ráquira, located 30 minutes south of Villa de Leyva.

It is known as the artisan capital of Colombia, the city that has the most beautiful ceramic pieces in the country! its name comes from the Muisca “rua” (pot) and “quirá” (town), that is “town of pots”.

Day 2: La Periquera Route

Difficulty of the route: Medium – High.

Leaving at 07:30 from the town of Villa de Leyva by bicycle, we will start our activity on the road that leads to Arcabuco. There are paved sections, but most of the road is unpaved, rural and between the mountains. About 4.5 miles we will make a stop at El Castillo ecotourism estate, where we will find a scale replica of the Puente del Comun (National monument built in 1796, located in Chía, Cundinamarca), and the Muisca clock.

We will have a 3-mile mountain climb, before arriving at La Periquera park. We will leave the bicycles to walk along a path, which will take us to the La Periquera Waterfall (as high as a 8-story building). It is a place of contemplation due to its natural beauty. 

Then, we will climb 1 more mile to reach Aventura Park and managing to reach half of the route.

Before starting our return, we will live the experience of pedaling on aerial bicycles at 165 feet high.

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We begin our route back by mixed paved and unpaved roads. We will cross a region of sandstone typical of the region, crossing mountains and small villages until we reach again the charming village of Villa de Leyva.

Facts of La Periquera route:

17.5 Miles

It is the number of miles we will travel by bicycle. 80% are through rural areas and unpaved roads.

2,452 m.a.s.l maximum height

At mile 14 we will reach our highest point, we will pass from 2,100 to 2,452 m.a.s.l.

4 – 5 hours

It is the estimated time that the route will take

Tourist attractions:

During this tour we will see, the Replica of the Puente del Comun, the Muisca clock, Path to the Periquera waterfall and Aventura Park.

Day 3: Muisca Route

Difficulty of the route: moderate – medium.

Leaving at 07:30 from the city of Villa de Leyva by bicycle, we will begin our activity towards Sutamarchán, a town located west of Villa de Leyva. It’s about 8 miles of unpaved routes especially for people who want to have contact with nature, arriving at mile 5 we will find a great challenge, it is optional it is optional for cyclists who want to be physically tested, a climb to a school call the BIT peak with an altimetry of 214 feet high, in 450 mts.

Once in Sutamarchán, we will visit the central square, the main church and its history, and then taste the famous sausage, a sausage made with pork that has a unique flavor in this region.

We will continue for 4.5 miles and visit the Ain Karim vineyard, (Wine and cheese tasting), where one of the best wines in the country is produced, to learn about the cultivation, the harvest and the whole process of production and aging in the vineyards of Villa de Leyva, where produces Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Rosé’, Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Blanc’ and Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva.

On the way back, we will make a stop at the Muisca Archaeological Park and Observatory, also popularly known as “The little Hell” where we will know the history and influence of that culture in Boyacá and in the country. At mile 17, before reaching the central square of Villa de Leyva, we will pass through the 500 m² Terra Cota house, it is considered the largest clay house in the world. The architect Octavio Mendoza cooked it just like the potters when they make pots and other decorative objects.

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Facts of the Muisca Route:

18.5 Miles

It is the number of miles we will travel by bicycle. 80% are through rural areas and unpaved roads. 

3 – 4 hours

It is the estimated time that the route will take

Tourist attractions:

We will visit during this tour: Sutamarchán Square, Ain Karim Vineyard, Muisca Archaeological Park and Observatory and the Terracota Clay House.

Our Package includes:

  • Door-to-door transportation (Bogotá-Villa de Leyva-Bogotá)
  • Souvenir
  • Tickets (Periquera Park, Aventura Park, Muisca Observatory, Terracota Clay House, Vineyard)
  • Hotel Nights
  • 2 Breakfasts
  • 3 Regional lunches
  • Vineyard – Wine and cheese tasting
  • Bicycle (MTB)
  • Helmet
  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Health insurance
  • Energy drink (On Route)
  • Energy bar (On Route)
  • Snack (On Route)
  • Photographic record
  • Assistance car
  • Tour guides

Cost: USD $310

Our recommendations:

  • Wear comfortable and sporty clothes. If you are interested, you can contact us to purchase BIT’s cycling special clothing.
  • Use sunscreen
  • Have a healthy breakfast before leaving the hotel.